New Worlds Lab illustration

Welcome to Jenkins' New Worlds Lab

Our Mission

The New Worlds Lab (NWL) seeks to explore the diversity of planets orbiting stars near to the Sun, utilising the available resources in Chile to uncover their secrets and understand their characteristics. The exploration of exoplanetary systems is one pathway to gaining a more complete understanding of the origins of the solar system, and with it comes a better understanding of the origins of life on Earth, and ourselves.

Our Vision

The NWL has a clear vision to accomplish our mission goals; we aim to bring together expertise from diverse areas, focus them towards advancing these goals, whilst also nurturing a unique environment that encourages free expression and the unfiltered exchange of ideas. The Lab brings together students, postdoctoral researchers, and professors from the Universidad de Chile and beyond, to foster a fluidic network of ideas that is the bedrock of the NWL’s philosophy.